Wooden Pliers & Tweezers Stand

Wooden Pliers & Tweezers Stand
Wooden Pliers & Tweezers Stand
Product Code: LR-046
L x W x H: 16.50in x 4.50in x 5.00in
Weight: 360.00g


This jeweler’s pliers rack features a 12” bar that will hold your pliers in a way that allows you easy accessibility to your favorite pliers. The tray has two “tray extensions” that each have two round depressions for holding small parts or bits of solder. It also has ten 1" deep openings, as wide as a pencil, that are perfect for holding short solder wires or small jewelers screwdrivers. The additional nine drilled holes are great for holding burs. Each comes individually boxed with instructions and takes only a screwdriver and five minutes to assemble.

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