Wooden Dapping Block With 2 Punch

Wooden Dapping Block With 2 Punch
Product Code: LR-068
L x W x H: 2.00in x 2.00in x 2.00in
Weight: 125.00g


Wood Dapping Block - with 2 Punch Set, a hardwood block used to form domes and remove dents. Dapping set is non-marring used for items that are delicate and need special handling.  Sometimes referred to as "dent remover", also used for forming and shaping half spheres.  Dapping block measure 2-1/4" and has 6 half-spheres, comes with 2 different wooden punches. Dapping Block measure 2" square and has shallow depressions measuring 44mm / 40mm /  36mm / 34mm / 30mm / 28mm .

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