Wooden Bead Spinner Big

Wooden Bead Spinner Big
Product Code: LR-047
L x W x H: 5.75in x 4.25in x 5.75in
Weight: 345.00g


      String seed beads and other small beads the quick, easy way with the BEAD SPINNER Simply fill the bowl about half full with beads and spin--then insert a longer beading needle into the spinning beads and watch them jump onto the needle, nesting on their own. When enough beads are on, move them to the connected stringing material and dip again.    If you are looking for a fast way to thread seed beads this is the answer. handmade using ultra-smooth Borotik plantation-grown natural wood.

Height: 14.6cm(5.75") Width: 10.8cm(4.25")

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